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I have been watching Lost Girl, Orphan Black, and The Fosters lately. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has taken over my life. I love The X-Files, BSG and a multitude of movies

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"[Luke begins to grow] into a man and embrace his mother’s personality. Using his head to maneuver the droids into Jabba’s palace, attempting to negotiate even if he knew Jabba would refuse, fighting was his last options after multiple warnings. Anakin was impulsive and was always ready to fight, its what cost him his arm. When Luke takes on this unconscious role that his mother left him he begins to question who she was. Leia may know what she looks like but Luke was the one that listened. He starts reciting her words almost exactly and that is what gets through to Vader. We already see Luke in his weakness, we saw in Empire he has the same ‘love’ Vader had for Padme in Revenge. He gives Luke the offer he gave her and both rejected it. Teaming up Luke with the memory of his beloved wife knocked that wall down. How Luke is not like Anakin saves him from the Emperor, the moral imperviousness of Padme. Luke sees the similarity between himself and Anakin but he knows they are also not the same which was the fear represented in the cave. The saga can end with affirming Padme’s dying words." (source)


The Ocean, 1929, Frederick Judd Waugh


The Ocean, 1929, Frederick Judd Waugh


Root and Shaw

You really have no idea what you’re caught up in, do you?
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1)Alec Hardison

2) Olivia Dunham
3)Laura Roslin

5) Parker
6) Dana Scully

7)Kara Thrace
9) Amy Santiago
10) Carly Greig


sky, july.
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The Fall (2006)

A little blessing in disguise

another meme i won’t finish ● {1/10} otps - Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane

➝ We’re slayers, girlfriend. The chosen two.