Without dysfunction I'd have no function at all
You can call me Carly or Roo, She/Her/Hers, 24

I have been watching Lost Girl, Orphan Black, and The Fosters lately. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has taken over my life. I love The X-Files, BSG and a multitude of movies

currently watching:
Movies with Marley
owleclectic i made you a thing

owleclectic i made you a thing

my game plan is to ignore their request and see how long it takes them to unfollow. mmmhmmm

why would they unfollow you. you’re gr9

looking at my awesome typo in confusion and sadness tbh but yes i have no idea what to do with it. i only got one because it’s “exclusive”. also someone literally just followed me here and asked for an invite there in the same breath /side eye/



J. M. W. Turner - Vignette Studies (1835-6)

Good evening. Welcome to the six o’clock news. I’m your anchor…

mine’s vangoghing but idk what im going there sooooo lol



videogame graphic battle | vs. oldwolfs

round six ► word/s description (Booker Dewitt)

Title: Dearly Departed (feat. Esmé Patterson)

Artist: Shakey Graves

Played: 207 times


Fall is coming, bring it. 

OK so I got Ello so if you have it tell me your name so I can add you?

Captain, can I have money for a slinky dress?